What We Do

Commercial Operations is the sales and marketing business unit of the SunPork Group, with a customer-centric approach and a core focus on finding a market for every piece of our quality Australian-grown pigs.

Our Australian pork is highly regarded throughout major retailers, food service, wholesale and export channels due to our relentless commitment to quality and our dedicated team.

The Commercial Operations team distributes carcase meat and boxed primal cuts across Australia, with a strong focus on the value-add chain.

SunPork Commercial Ops - High Quality Pork Products
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We sell more than

80M kgs

of pork annually

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Our products are in


supermarkets worldwide

We export

10M kgs

of pork to seven countries

every year

SunPork Commercial Ops - Product Innovation

Product Innovation

Consumer behaviour is a complex and ever-changing puzzle. True insights keep us on the cutting edge of market demand, and we invest extensively in the best food and flavour resources from across the globe to stay informed.

Our analysis helps determine which trends will last and recognise the optimum time to push product innovation to market.

The Commercial Operations marketing team develops an extensive range of material in-house from food photography, styling, design and animation. Our content is crafted to target our customers with our unique and personalised brands.

Our Brands

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Value-Add Products

Utilising dedicated value-add facilities and employees at  Kingaroy and Eagle Farm in Queensland, the Commercials Operations team develops and perfects a range of value-add products that assist with sale and distribution of all parts of the pig carcase.

Some of the more popular products that have been developed for retail and foodservice markets across Australia include pork schnitzels, pre-cooked knuckles, ribs and bellies, marinated fresh cuts, roasts, sausages burgers and hams.

Strategically located in Eagle Farm, east of Brisbane – Commercial Operation employs over 50 employees across six departments including sales, marketing, administration, research and development, planning and procurement.

SunPork Commercial Ops - Value-Add Products - Schnitzel