Our Sustainability Goals

Animal Welfare

Commitment to the highest level of animal welfare and humane treatment of our pigs.
As part of this commitment, SunPork was one of the first to eliminate sow stalls in Australia and New Zealand.


Continually strive to minimise our environmental impact and eliminate waste.
We are driven to lead our industry in reducing our carbon footprint, and we seek innovative ways to achieve this goal. In optimising our supply chain, we aim to continually reduce waste and improve energy and water efficiency.

Diversity & Inclusion

Ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace and culture that respects every employee and supports a more equal and just society in our communities.
We believe that ‘no form of diversity trumps another’ and age, ethnicity, cultural background, sexuality, gender, and physical and intellectual manifestations all contribute equally to the diversity of the workforce at SunPork.

Employee Health & Safety

Be safe: For you, your family, and your mates
SunPork Group is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of everyone involved in our business, every day. We strive to eliminate injuries and harm, and consistent with this, we do not tolerate unsafe acts. Safety is our priority.

Food Safety & Quality

Deliver safe, affordable, high-quality protein to meet the growing global demand.
We operate under time tested food safety programs. Consumers put their trust in us every time they eat one of our products.

The safety and quality of our food is fundamental to our business.

Customers & Consumers Needs

Provide customers and consumers with choices that meet their nutritional needs and ethical expectations.
Our product portfolio is closely aligned with consumer trends and needs, and we continue to explore new products and packaging solutions, while maintaining the high-quality standards that our consumers expect and enjoy.

Supporting Our Communities

Serve our communities through continued investment which has a meaningful impact.
We recognise the responsibility that comes with being a major employer in rural communities.

We continue to dedicate our time and resources to the well-being of our communities by providing gainful employment and participating in volunteerism, donation and sponsorship opportunities.

Supplier Transparency

Partner with suppliers who share our values and mission to achieve a more sustainable food supply.
As part of our efforts to minimise our supply chain impact, we work closely with our suppliers to meet or exceed our high sustainability standards.

Our Sustainability Journey


Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) credentials are now the benchmark that all businesses are judged by. Recently, SunPork has invested heavily in establishing our baseline credentials utilising the external expertise of Integrity Ag for a Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Price Waterhouse Coopers for an overall ESG assessment.

SunPork Processing - Boxed Pork and Primals

Our Results

How we contribute to the United Nations sustainability goals:


Biosecurity is a responsibility of every person who visits or works at a piggery or related business. New pests and diseases can harm animal health and welfare, the community and the economy.

SunPork has substantial biosecurity risk mitigations in place to stop the entry and spread of pests and diseases including African swine fever and foot and mouth disease. These include:

  • Seven night, six full day downtime for all people on re-entry into Australia before entry to a SunPork piggery site
  • Four night, three full day downtime for all people on entry to any SunPork Farms piggery after contact with farmed or wild pigs outside the SunPork business
  • All visitors are subject to a sophisticated digital biosecurity risk assessment prior to entry to a SunPork piggery site
  • No footwear that has been worn outside Australia or has been to a farm that is not a SunPork Farms’ piggery is allowed on any SunPork Farms’ property
  • Entry of equipment and vehicles that have been outside Australia or to a farm that is not a SunPork Farms’ piggery are subject to risk assessment, cleaning and disinfection processes
  • No uncooked meat, no pork products (including cooked or processed pork) and no pet food is allowed onto SunPork piggery sites
SunPork Group - Biosecurity Tablet